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Veteran investor Rupal Bhansali believes when it comes to international markets, it’s all about picking the right stocks.

The chief investment officer and head of international strategy at Ariel Investments said risks can be high when investors tap into emerging markets and developed ones overseas due to specific geopolitical uncertainties.

“The opportunity in China, or in Asia, or in any stock market in the world now is more from a stock-picking perspective and curating on an individual basis as opposed to this broad brushstroke that you can have with an ETF or a passive exposure benchmark,” Bhansali said in the latest PRO Talks series with Seema Mody on Wednesday. “I think that trade is behind us.”

Bhansali, who has more than 25 years of industry experience including for Soros Fund Management, discussed how she screens out high-risk companies and revealed her best picks in different countries.

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