“Unparalleled soul food awesomeness. We came to Bully’s in search of some of Mississippi’s best soul food. We had originally intended to head over somewhere else, but thank goodness they were closed as we would have missed out on the experience of dining here. Bully’s isn’t glitz and glam, it’s heart, it’s family. The food is served on plastic trays that you’ll remember from cafeteria days, but the food served in those individual sections is leaps and bounds above anything from your childhood. Fried chicken ribs, liver and onions, fried pork chops, the list goes on and on. Everything is cooked slowly, with love, just like your family used to make it. The real all stars at Bully’s are the sides though. The collards are perfect, the okra and tomatoes is mind-blowing, even the mac and cheese is top-notch. In all truth, at Bully’s you’d be hard pressed to find anything on the menu you don’t enjoy.” —Yelper Kipper S.

Originally published at Buzzfeed

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