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Healthy stocks with high dividends could be a good place to find returns in the second half of 2020, a period investors say will have more twists and turns as uncertainty reigns about the future of the economy. 

Investors are balancing a skew of improving economic data and a resurgence in coronavirus cases in the U.S. and abroad. Investors and economists are throwing darts at a moving target, with outcomes hinging on vaccine results, a second virus wave and a presidential election.

Amid the volatility and uncertainty a handful of healthy stocks with generous dividends could be way to receive yield in a world of disappearing income. 

CNBC PRO used S&P Global Market Intelligence to screen for stocks rated “strong buy” by Standard & Poor’s equity analysts, that also have a dividend yield higher than the market’s 1.9% average yield.

A strong buy means “total return is expected to outperform the total return of a relevant benchmark, by a wide margin over the coming 12 months, with shares rising in price on an absolute basis,” according to S&P Capital IQ. 

So not only are these stocks paying a high and stable dividend, they are also poised to beat the market in S&P’s view.

Take a look at the list here.

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