Climate positive polyester

At San Francisco-based Mango Materials, a team of engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists are capturing methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to the climate crisis, and turning it into polymers that offer a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based polyester.

The company directly pipes waste methane gas from a digester to a fermentation vessel, as CEO Molly Morse explains. Inside this vessel is water and bacteria, which feed on the methane, rapidly growing until a type of bio-plastic known as PHA is produced.

“When the bacteria have produced an optimal amount of PHA, the biomass and PHA granules are separated, cleaned, purified and dried before being ready to formulate into pellets,” explains Morse.

These pellets (inset) form the basis of biodegradable bio-polyester fibres. The company has already signed deals with leading activewear and outdoor clothing brands, adds Morse, with plans to announce further details in the near future.

Originally published at Positive News

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