Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.: “The company’s best in show, but I’ve got to tell you, the stock is not going to be a good stock if the Fed tightens again. I don’t think they’re going to in the near future, but I’ve got to tell you, it makes me nervous.”

Sina Corp.: “I don’t really care about where a stock has been. I care where it’s going. I think this stock is bottoming, but I do want you to scale out on the way up because I cannot recommend any Chinese stocks because, if the trade talks break down, you’re going to end up getting hurt.”

Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.: “I think it’s a good one. I happen to like AEP, American Electric Power, a little bit more. I write a check every month to these guys at Public Service. They’re good. They’re good, they’re not great. Not a great grower, not that bad.”

Annaly Capital Management: “Annaly did another equity offering. That’s what they do, they do these equity offerings and then they give you a good dividend. I like growth and dividend. I’m going to say no to Annaly.”

Tandem Diabetes Care Inc.: “Tandem’s very good, but we had Dexcom on last night and I’m not deviating. I think Dexcom is best in show. That’s the one to buy.”

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.: “Buy. Buy. I think, of the ones that are out there, it’s got the better momentum, better than EA. I’ve got to tell you — I never thought I’d say this — but it’s much better than Activision. And I think that Grand Theft Auto’s still terrific. Red Dead is really good. I’m saying buy, buy, buy. Buy some and then buy some after they report.”

Ladder Capital Corp.: “Look, if I’m going to buy one of these companies, I’m going to buy Starwood, with [CEO] Barry Sternlicht. That’s the only one I’m recommending in the group.”

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