PacWest Bancorp: “You can’t own a bank. I mean, this yields 6.7 percent. I am not worried about the yield, but I can’t have you be in that stock. It’s too nightmarish. Any bank!”

CyrusOne Inc.: “I like that company. I know it’s got a 3 percent yield, but it’s got great growth — 3 percent meaning not that high — and I believe in the data center. I don’t think it’s slowing down, and they came on the show and said that.”

United States Steel Corp.: “I want you to sell U.S. Steel and just keep Nucor. Nucor’s got a good dividend policy [and a] very, very good balance sheet. I can’t say that about letter X.”

Southwest Airlines Co.: “That stock acts badly, I’ve got to tell you. It’s down 22 percent. I really think [CEO] Gary Kelly is too good to tell you to sell that stock down here, but oh, man. Other people like United [Continental Holdings] a lot better.”

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