CarGurus Inc.: “Well, I gotta tell you my viewers, including you Scott, are smarter than I am. I like Carmax, but we are going to do a deep dive on Cargurus because of exactly what you just told us. Because you teach us.”

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Iamgold Corp.: “Well, you know what, I am not gold. I am Barrick Gold. I like the work of [CEO] Dr. Mark Bristow … That would be the way I go.”

Align Technology: “Look, they’ve got Danaher … [and] 3M against them and you know what, Align still owns the market. I was too negative. Align as got it going.”

Johnson & Johnson: “I think Johnson & Johnson is the earnings, the fundamentals versus — O.K., listen up — versus talc. And I happen to be a believer that JNJ will prevail. Now I know that is a minority view and it’s why JNJ keeps failing at $140, but my charitable trust owns it and we’re sticking with it.”

Electronic Arts: “You know, the gaming stocks they are just a battleground and I don’t want to be in a battleground, it’s too hard.”

Enlink Midstream LLC: “It’s a good midstream, but I gotta tell you something: these stocks are like wasting assets. I no longer recommend any pipeline stocks. I’m trying to save people money and I can’t if I recommend a pipeline stock.”

NextEra Energy Inc.: “Oh, I love a growth utility and that is one of the best. I should be recommending it more. I’m too focused on Dominion [Energy] and AEP. I should put NEE in there.”

Baidu Inc.: “Baidu’s good. Now we know that Baidu has got a very strong track record, but Alibaba is my favorite. Baidu is my second favorite.”

KKR & Co. Inc.: “Oh, I like KKR. C’mon, they’re brilliant guys. I know the distribution’s low right now, but I’m never gonna go against those guys. And yes, I was in favor of Blackstone more than those guys.”

Canopy Growth Corp.: “Canopy? I like Canopy. It just had a big spike. You buy a little and then you let it come down.”

Disclaimer: Cramer’s charitable trust owns shares of Johnson & Johnson and Danaher.

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