Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV: “That was a CEO situation. It had a great CEO, and after [his death], we just can’t go there. Let it rally a little and then run. I’m sorry. I mean, it was just such a well-run company, but I’m not endorsing it anymore.”

Brink’s Co.: “I think this Brink’s went down ridiculously. I thought it was a great quarter. I think this stock is a buy. There was really no reason for it to sell of whatsoever. It’s really good.”

Sangamo Therapeutics Inc.: “It’s a great spec. I mean, it really is. But, remember, it has disappointed before. But I do agree, it’s a great spec.”

Medtronic PLC: “It’s a total winner. The stock is up $3. I said it would start being bought, and here it goes.”

GW Pharmaceuticals PLC: “I’ve got to tell you: I thought that, with all of the legal cannabis floating around, these guys would not be recognized, but the stock is coming back. Remember, they are the ones that the doctors can prescribe because it’s a uniform amount of cannabis, and that’s what’s bedeviled all the cannabis companies. So I can understand why that stock could go higher from here.”

EPR Properties: “I like that REIT. I just like it. It’s really good.”

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