Exxon Mobil Corp.: “Exxon Mobil has finally gotten cheap. It’s an incredibly well-run company. It’s never been wrong to buy it here at [a] 4.5 dividend yield, so I’m with you. And I don’t like to recommend the oils right now because they’ve been really bad.”

Newmont Mining Corp.: “I don’t like the deal as much. I mean, they’re two stayed companies. The one you want to be in — and it’s coming in and it’s good — is Barrick Gold.”

US Silica Holdings Inc.: “Stay away. Sand proppants. I think that oil’s stuck at this level. I don’t want to be there. If you really want to play that, buy Union Pacific. OK? Yes, they move the sand proppants.”

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc.: “Yeah, didn’t you think that [lupus drug program] was impressive? That’s an unmet need and I remember saying that it’s going to be a great spec, but it’s only a spec. Please.”

Centurylink Inc.: “It’s really pricing in a dividend cut at this point. I don’t like the non-Bell [companies]. They’ve all been bad in the end. I like Verizon. I’m a very big traditionalist. I like AT&T, too.”

Dominion Energy Inc.: “That stock is down a lot because it’s merging with a South Carolina utility that a lot of people don’t like. I think they’re wrong. I think you buy it at [a] 5 [percent yield]. And congratulations for what they’ve done in terms of exporting [liquefied natural gas]. They’ve been fabulous.”

IBM Corp.: “I’m with you [on buying IBM down 30 percent]. There was a very good note out today that said, you know what, with a 5 percent yield, and if they get [Red Hat CEO Jim] Whitehurst more involved with management — remember, they’re buying Red Hat — it’s going to be a good deal. I am with you on that.”

Vodafone Group PLC: “This thing is just a house of pain and the dividend’s not protecting you. I am not going to let you move into that address. It’s just not fair.”

Nike Inc.: “I think Nike’s doing incredibly well and there’s been no real Chinese resistance. I think it’s a good situation. I would continue to buy Nike.”

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