Boeing Co.: “Remember, you have to buy planes with dollars, so the dollar does not really impact them. It’s one of only a couple companies that have that. And I think Boeing is on its way for a multi-year move again. It’s recharged and now it’s off to the races.”

Gulfport Energy Corp.: “I am so soured on the oil patch, I am simply not going to recommend that stock. I did like Exxon’s quarter. I will say that. But this group is just really, really hard to own.”

Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc.: “It is one of the few regional banks that I actually feel good about. You know, we keep getting downgraded, downgraded, downgraded, a bunch of these. No one’s downgrading Cullen/Frost. Why? Because the business is very strong.”

Tyson Foods: “They report this Thursday. I think it may be a sucker’s game to try to predict. This company has become one of the most unpredictable companies in the whole country, so I am going to say that I have to wait myself to see what they’re going to do.”

Duluth Holdings Inc.: “All weekend I wore my cameraman ‘Max Steadycam’ Duluth Trading jacket, and my wife thinks it is the coolest piece of clothing that I have. And I am a huge believer. And, by the way, it’s warm. You can’t get wet in it. I think Duluth’s stuff is the best there is, so I’m going to say buy, buy, buy! I’m not kidding.”

LendingClub Corp.: “I’m not a fan. I don’t like crowdsourced lending. I think it’s too dangerous. I’m going to have to say no on that one.”

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