Every business needs to start using video in their marketing.

Video humanizes and personalizes your brand. This is all part of building your personal brand, or as I write in my book “Celebrity CEO” (coming out April 2019), it’s an important part of the process of getting attention and educating your community.

It does not take a lot to do good video.

You can use your smartphone. All you need is good lighting (the light facing you and behind the camera) and good audio.

Of course what you say, your message, is important as well.

Types of Marketing Videos

There’s three types of marketing video you should do.

  1. Your “sizzle” video, which Gary Vaynerchuk writes about as your “Super Bowl” video.
  2. The second type of video, which is MOST important is your educational type of video. This is video you create on a regular basis and share and educate your community.
  3. Lastly, get a little personal and share a bit about YOU as a person.

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Image: Smart Hustle

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